Annual Reports

During 2022/23, the BGC Peel continued to provide children and youth programming for 650 children and youth through-out the Region of Peel.

An additional 375 individuals were supported through the annual Holiday Hamper program. Many thanks to the organizations, businesses, schools and individuals who adopted families, organized toy drives and food drives, donated Christmas trees and provided gift cards. Thank you to the volunteers who assisted in unloading and sorting toys and deliveries.

Recreation and Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy active living was promoted in 13 locations including schools, Peel Living community rooms and community centres. After school and summer activities focused on healthy active living, education and personal development. Children and youth were provided with healthy snacks including fresh fruit and vegetables and were educated regarding the benefits of healthy food choices.

Through the support of the Jays Care Foundation, Brampton Honey Badgers and Tennis Canada, many of our youth leaders received training to teach our children and youth basic skills in sports. Donated equipment allowed members to practice their skills.

Educational Support

In supporting children to succeed in school, the BGC Peel provided students with access to computers, homework sheets, books and school supplies. Staff and volunteers worked with the children to assist them in learning.

Leadership Development and Youth Employment
Leadership development is an integral component of the BGC Peel in building the leaders of the future. The program supports children and youth to see their potential, set goals and achieve them. Several initiatives supported youth leadership including:

Youth on a Roll Youth continued in 2023. Also introduced was the Assist a Super program. All Youth also attended Life skills workshops on a bi-weekly basis.

Summer Youth Leadership – In partnership with the City of Brampton, the program focused on physical activity and healthy choices while building leadership skills.

UPS Road Code is an interactive program that uses classroom instruction and virtual driving simulators to prepare teens for the real roads and teach them how to be safe drivers.

Supporting Families & Communities

Thanks to the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation Grow Grants which came to an end, the BGC Peel has has continued to support to families in McMurchy neighbourhood, Brampton Towers, and Acorn Place. Planned activities have include parent meetups in collaboration with the Family Education Centre, workshops, social gatherings, and family events. Highlights have included Easter hunts, Mother’s day events and physical fitness activities and attending a Blue Jays Game.

Families also participated in community clean ups, planting days and neighbourhood BBQ’s. We would like to recognize the invaluable contributions of our volunteers including parents and partners.

Community Engagement

Through the generous support of our partners such as Microsoft Canada, BGC Canada and local municipalities, the BGC Peel was able to provide Diversity and Inclusion programs and events.

We would like to thank our community partners who have collaborated with the BGC Peel to support children, youth and families in Peel.

2022-2023 Financial Statements