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Youth Leadership Program

Program Highlight

icon-leadership Ages: 14-18 for Keystone, 13-18 for UPS Road Code.
icon-leadership-skills Programs: Keystone and UPS Road Code, aimed at developing leadership and driving safety.
icon-community-engagement Engagement: Activities include public speaking, event planning, and volunteer opportunities.

Through our youth leadership programs, teens have the opportunity to be leaders in their community through social action initiatives and other civic-focused programs. Youth have the opportunity to make friends and engage with other youth locally, provincially and nationally through our various workshops and conferences.

  • Facilitation of group activities
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Planning and coordinating events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Civic engagement

NOTE: Youth have an opportunity to apply for academic scholarships through the BGC Canada

Keystone (Ages 14 – 18)

For youth aged 14 – 18

Keystone is our national leadership development program that provides youth with the knowledge and skills to make positive choices in their lives and make a difference in their Clubs and communities. Throughout the course of the year, Keystone participants complete at least one activity in each of the five core areas: Leadership, Teamwork, Healthy Choices, Service to Club and Community, and Learning for Life.

Ups Road Code (Ages 13 – 18)

For youth aged 13 – 18

This state-of-the-art interactive program uses classroom instruction and virtual driving simulators to prepare teens for the real roads and teach them how to be safe drivers. The Road Code initiative is based on the concept of skilled volunteerism, transferring knowledge and skills from UPS drivers who volunteer to oversee the program and facilitate hands-on training.

Youth Employment

Program Highlight

icon-workshop Employment Readiness: Resume writing and interview skills workshops.
icon-personal-development Personal Development: Focus on strengths, weaknesses, and goal setting.
icon-leadership Leadership Opportunities: Roles as program leaders in various programs.

BGC Peel is committed to supporting youth employment through the following opportunities:

  • Employment readiness workshops including resume writing and interview skills.
  • Identify personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through BGC Peel activities and assignments. Research and develop an effective, measurable plan to achieve career or educational goals. Learn the personal and interpersonal skills and attitudes needed to succeed at work or school.
  • Employment opportunities within the agency as program leaders in:
    1. Our after-school programs,
    2. Summer programs, and
    3. Specialty programs.

NOTE: Volunteer Mentorship & Leadership development opportunities are also available.

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